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EOR-Grade Scleroglucan

Unique chemistry for oilfield applications

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Oilfield operators are continually seeking ways to cost effectively increase production from known reservoirs before looking to higher cost options.

Many known reservoirs are hot and salty which makes enhanced oil recovery very challenging with existing technologies. The demand for a cost-effective polymer that withstands such harsh EOR environments has driven a number of emerging technologies, yet all have been limited in adoption to date because of poor functional performance, limited supply and/or high cost in use.

EOR-grade scleroglucan is designed for high salinity, harsh reservoir conditions at 80-120 °C

Cargill’s EOR-grade scleroglucan technologies have high active content and remain stable in high temperature and hard brines without losing viscosity or injectivity. These characteristics make Cargill’s EOR-grade scleroglucan well-suited for harsh environments; particularly in off-shore applications.

The viscosity and shear stability of scleroglucan biopolymer can afford at least a 6-fold product utilization advantage* over traditional synthetic polymers.

*Based on laboratory data demonstrating higher viscosity yield, less thinning at elevated temperatures, and less shear degradation.


Benefits of Cargill’s EOR-grade biopolymer

Learn how Cargill can provide a scalable solution for unlocking oil in harsh reservoir conditions

Features of Cargills EOR grade biopolymer

Learn how Cargill's unique bio-polymer, EOR-grade scleroglucan technology works in harsh reservoir conditions



Cargill's EOR-grade scleroglucan prototype performance

Key application requirement Functional behavior
Very High Viscosity 350ppm polymer gives 10cPs at 7.3 s-1
High Thermal Stability Viscosity is stable up to 120° C (in anaerobic conditions)
Rapid Solubilization
(no dwell time needed)
Dissolution time less than 2 min in salt water
Filterable to 0.8 um Filterability Ratio <1.1 at 0.8μm or higher
Excellent Shear Stability No viscosity loss at 200,000 s-1 shear (API RP63 test)


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